Ten New Build Housing Scheme

Development of 10 houses on a plot of land bought by a builder in Biddulph, Staffordshire to build speculative open market housing.

The land already had outline planning permission to build the houses, DBD were approached by Humphreys Builders to discharge the planning conditions, produce a design for the houses and develop the details for building regulations etc.

A blot on the landscape was a small electrical substation which landed in the middle of the row of housing, with every configuration we produced we had a number of houses cramped into a small space and those on the other side of substation had quite generous garden. We approached Western Power to discuss moving the substation elsewhere on the land and they acknowledged the substation was approaching the end of it’s life and agreed to the move. The space opened up the site and we were able to equalise the space for the houses across the site.

The road is fairly steep which means there is a one metre drop between each pair of semi’s, making for some interesting construction choices.

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