24 .What if there are trees where I want to build?

Trees can play a crucial role in the design of buildings. Not only are they an important factor in the consideration of planning application, but they can also influence the construction too.

Some trees can have Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) on them which means a planning application is required to conduct any work on or around the tree, but even unprotected trees can require the same level of attention when considering how you want to develop land with trees on.

We can conduct tree surveys and produce tree reports to accompany planning applications which will satisfy the constraints sets by existing trees on a site. This could include temporary protection measures during the construction, or permeant protection measures if you are wanting to construct a building or driveway within the designated root protection zone of a tree.

The proximity of a tree to any proposed development could influence the construction methods of a building, whether that be the foundations or the floor construction. Depending on the size and type of tree, and its relative position to a structure, deeper foundations may be required, even specialist designs may be necessary to account for the ground heave caused by a tree roots influence on the soil.

Local authorities are driving to create greener environments which now means that a net gain in biodiversity is required across a site where the ecological environment is being altered. This will be a planning requirement on most larger applications and not only means new trees and planting must be introduced, but also any trees that are lost due to the proposed development need to be replaced with significant alternatives. We can produce landscaping plans which set out specifications for new tree planting, hedgerows and alike.