21. How do I start the building works?

When we have completed the construction details and they have been conditionally approved, or approved in full, you can contact local builders and ask them to provide quotes for the work based on these plans. We have a list of reputable builders we have worked with in the past which cover all the areas we work in, so we can provide with their details. We recommend getting three quotes unless you already have a known builder lined up to do the work.

Prior to commencement, you will need to inform Building Control that you are starting, usually 1 week beforehand and you will be able to pay for the on-site inspections, as quoted in their original quote we obtained for you. Although it is usually the builders who liaise with Building Control, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure inspections are being carried out at the appropriate stages. For larger projects, we offer a construction management programme, where we visit the site at regular intervals to assess the progress and quality of works where the owner may require additional assurance or is unable to manage the build themselves.