18. What happens after my planning application is decided?

When your planning application has been decided we will send you the decision notice which is the legal document proving the development will be lawful (if approved). In most cases, we will have received indications from the planner if the application is going to be approved or refused before a decision notice is issued. In the instance where a refusal is being recommended, and we cannot supply additional information or revised designs which will satisfy their concerns, you may be offered the chance to withdraw the application. This can be favourable over a refusal as a refusal could be seen as a bad mark against the property for prospective future buyers.

If you receive an approval, we will ask if you would like to instruct us to begin with stage two, the construction plans. All planning approvals have standard conditions attached, however, some known as pre-commencement or pre-occupation conditions, might be included. It is important to understand the conditions before starting any building works on site.

If you receive a refusal, we will usually have a discussion with yourselves, if we have not already done so, to discuss alternative options. The advantage of receiving a refusal, as opposed to withdrawing the application before a decision is made, are that it allows you to go to appeal, where within 6 months of the decision notice, an independent planning inspector can assess the application and overturn decision where they see it to be appropriate.