17. What happens once my application is submitted?

We complete the planning application online and submit this, but you will receive and email requesting payment of the application fee from Planning Portal. Once the payment has been made to the Local Planning Authority, it will then enter validation process where the LPA will check through the application and make sure they have all the information required, and the application is legal. Once validated, the application is assigned to a planning/case officer who will have 8 weeks to make a decision. At present, only smaller applications are likely to be decided with this statutory time frame and any delays to planning decisions is out of our control, although we will always try to keep things running smoothly where we can.

Following the completion of technical drawings, we will request a quote from your local building authority, or independent, for the costs to complete a plan check and subsequently carry out the required visits to your property whilst the works are being completed. The first payment to building control is for the plan check application which you must provide to Building Control for us to send the completed plans in to be assessed. We will then hopefully receive approval for the plans within a few weeks, and you can start to distribute them to builders for quoting.