13. When do I pay my fees?

Our fees are generally split into two payments with the first payment requested before we submit your planning application or when you are happy with the design of your plans. This payment will cover the initial survey, production of existing plans and proposed plans, site plans and any additional documentation which would be required, it would also cover our part in managing an application, corresponding with the planners to make any minor amendments, or providing additional information, to hopefully achieve the best outcome.

The second payment, if you request construction details from us, is invoiced before the building regulations application is submitted. Similar to the planning application, any amendments to structural designs that are required to achieve the approval will be made and any minor amendments to layouts that are required can also be done.

Note: Additional fees associated with the planning and building regulations application, are paid directly to the authorities/companies and are not included on our invoices. Additional fees may be applicable if additional information or a major redesign is required.