12. What if I have new ideas about my designs?

Throughout the design stage, and in some cases during the planning stage, we can make minor amendments to the plans at your request. After the initial plans are received, we expect you to change parts of the plans as this is most likely the first time you have seen your ideas on paper, so it is natural that you may want to make alterations. Once a planning application has been made, we may have to make further changes to the plans at the request of the planning officer. If this is the case, we will work with them and yourself to reach an agreeable compromise.

If an application is approved and you decide to make a change afterwards, if it is a minor change and not a whole new scheme, we may need to submit a non-material amendment application to get this approved by the council if it has any planning related effect on the proposal. Any fees associated with this would be discussed with you before any redesigning or application submissions.