9. What drawings will I receive?

Once the existing plans are drawn up, we will then look to complete the initial proposed plans which is our interpretation of what we understand your requirements to be. To accompany this, we may have a third drawing which will have the existing site plan, proposed site plan and a site location plan, if relevant. If there are any additional drawings that are required in addition to the standard plans, these would also be included, i.e. sections or detailed drawings, light/privacy studies, etc.

  • Plans as Existing – Floor plans and elevations of how the house is currently stands. Grey hatching and black line represent the existing features.
  • Plans as Proposed – Floor plans and elevations of the proposed design, on which alterations or additions are represented in colour.
  • Site Plans – Site plans which show how the development site will change with the proposals and how it influences the surrounding area.

Other drawings can be completed at requested from the client, planner or building inspector.