3. What is the planning process?

Preparation – Preparation of a robust planning application to justify the proposal, including all relevant planning documentation. This will then be submitted to your Local Planning Authority electronically.


Registration – Once submitted, the next stage is validation for the application. This can take between 1-3 weeks for your application to be registered, depending on your Local Authority. From the validation stage, applications should reach a decision within 8 weeks, however this is

dependent on the local planning authority and their case load.


Public Consent – Your application will be published for the local community to comment. They have 21 days from the published date to do so, but only valid planning concerns will be taken into account.


Site Visit – A site visit maybe required for planning officers to undertake any inspections.


Local Assessment – Considerations will then be made. Planning officers will draw upon existing or emerging policies, check council standards plus any previous decisions relating to the site or similar



Recommendations – Taking all things into account, the planning officer will give a recommendation to a senior member of staff.


Decision – A decision will then be reached. Approval or refusal. Should you be issued with a refusal, you have the right to appeal to the secretary of state.