2. How can I get architectural advice?

Part of our process at DBD is offering an informative and honest consultation where a member of the team will visit your property and discuss the proposals you have in mind. From here we will discuss the requirements for achieving your desired proposals and maybe an alternative way/design choice which you may not have thought about. The consultation also allows us to see the property in context and assess the site which surrounds the property, where we can then discuss any planning constraints, we may come across during the planning process.

We will then start to talk about how the development will be constructed and what will be required to specify in the building regulations process which follows planning permission approval. The advice we give is an honest opinion based on many years experience working with different planning authorities. We would not give false hope in the instances where planning permission would not likely be given, however we could suggest alternative routes to overcome any problems which we foresee.

We offer a free no obligation consultation when the property is owned by yourself, but if the client does not yet own the property or is in the process of buying a property, we do charge a small fee which would then be deducted off our first invoice if we are instructed to carry out the works.