Thursday, April 5th, 2018

7th Anniversary

So DBD has passed another milestone this week.  Seven years since Andrew started out a sole trader trader on 5th April 2011, and we were too busy to really notice its passing.  Having mentioned to a few people that he was working his notice period, he had already got some work lined up, having been commissioned to draw up plans for a detached four bedroom house in the country during the first week of working notice from his previous employment, which worked out very well.  So time to think about preparing for the new venture was quite short. 

Day one of DBD Architectural Consultancy was spent doing a measured survey on a property in Biddulph Moor and we have been busy ever since.  In fact since starting out, Andrew has had only 4 days without any paid work to do, which coincided the four days after Easter towards the end of the month, having completed everything he had been asked to do before the Easter break, with a house survey to look forward to after the Easter holiday.



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