Monthly Archives: August 2018

Team DBD took a well earned break from the busy schedule yesterday to visit Jamie Pagett at Ashcroft Park for some team building fun, with air rifle shooting, archery and blind land rover driving and we all ended up winners. Despite both Nick and Joe consistently getting the bulls eye during archery practice, for 6 arrow competition they broke under pressure and Andrew won that round, despite Tracy getting a dead centre bullseye. 
Fierce competition between Joe and Nick on the shooting range, Joe won by one point. Tracy found out after all these years of being right handed, she is left handed when it comes to shooting a rifle.
Funniest thing was driving round an obstacle course between barrels in land rover whilst blind folded, with your co-pilot in the back seat shouting instructions – only left or right though, or slightly more complicated – Tea or Coffee!
Tracy under instruction from Nick the back seat driver, completed the course perfectly without touching a barrel, so Jamie decided to guider her off the course and stop the vehicle right in front of a hedge before letting her take off the blindfold.
All in all a great afternoon, big thanks to Jamie and Alex for making it such a good time, and the sun shone down on us